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Creating Our Clear Cut Shave Soap

Do you remember being in school and going on field trips? It was always fun to get a behind the scenes look at how some familiar items were made. This week we’re bringing you our version of a field trip and showing you how we make our Clear Cut Shave Soap. We just whipped up a batch last Saturday and took a few pictures to share exactly how we do that. Our shave soap is great for sensitive skin, it leaves your face soft and smooth.

First, we begin with the soap. We use an organic melt & pour base. We choose the organic base for the best quality. We slice blocks of soap into smaller portions and begin melting it with a double boiler.

Once the base has melted we begin adding additional ingredients. We add bentonite clay, vegetable glycerin, and castor oil. The bentonite clay cleanses and lubricates your skin. The castor oil provides a longer, thicker lather.

After everything has been melted and mixed together we remove it from the heat and add the essential oils. The essential oils we use in our shave soap are Cedarwood, Vetiver, Tea Tree, and Roman Chamomile.

We pour the mixture into containers and let it cool. The cooling process takes a couple hours. Here’s a picture of the finished product.

Jason has been using this Shave Soap for a while and has some tips and tricks to share to make sure you get the best shave.

  • Run hot water over the brush to warm it up a bit
  • Give it a couple flicks to remove excess water
  • Swirl brush in shave soap 3 or 4 times, collect bubbles
  • Brush onto face
  • Work back and forth a few times to thicken lather and raise hair follicles
  • Yell Timber!

Our Clear Cut Shave Soap is available at Finder$ Keepers in Shinnston WV, from our website, or at any of our upcoming events.

When your face looks like a forest, it’s time for a Clear Cut!

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