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A Purr-sonal Update

If you have been friends of Meadow Sense for a lengthy amount of time, you may recall that last year we suffered a devastating loss. We lost our beloved cat of 16 years, Zoeie, last April. Soon after that, I wrote a blog post dealing with my grief. You can read more about that here. During that time my heart was not open to a new pet. I wanted to give myself at least a year to allow my heart to heal. I had plenty of other projects to focus on and thought a break from owning a pet would be nice. I said to myself that the only way I would get a new pet is if a kitten just randomly showed up on my front porch and needed me.

Guess what. One day as we pulled into our street after work there was a kitten sitting on our front porch. I could not believe it. I screeched and asked Jason, “Is this my kitty?” He wisely replied it probably belonged to one of our neighbors and would be going home soon. So we scurried on with our day. But a couple of weeks later the kitten returned. I walked towards it and said hello. It ran as fast as it could away from me to hide. This happened repeatedly every couple of weeks for a month or so.

Then one night my husband saw an orange cat at the top of our street. He reached down to pet it. It seemed happy but we were busy so we went into our house and forgot about the orange cat. However, the next day this orange cat was on our front porch. And so was the kitten. For a few days, these two cats would be on our porch every time we came home. They would be cuddled together as if they were best friends. Our neighbor thought the orange cat might be the mother. But surprise, they’re both males. Apparently, 80% of orange cats are males.

As the kitten saw the orange cat allowing us to pet him, play with toys, and walk into our home he decided it was ok to also do these things. The little gray kitten looked up to the orange cat and copied everything he did. We called the Humane Society, posted them on Facebook, talked to our neighbors trying to find their home. No luck. So these two front porch cats walked into our home and into our hearts. In October, we took them to the vet and made them ours.

It is our pleasure to introduce you to our newest family members, Cypress and Sage. These two sweet boys allowed my heart to grow even after I thought grief had left it blackened and numb. They make us laugh every day. Cypress is a friendly orange tabby who greets everyone who enters our home. His favorite things to do are climb as high as he can get and carry yarn around creating traps for us to trip in. Sage still runs and hides from others but not from us. He loves to play with toys and be carried around in a laundry basket. He also chews holes in every bag and shreds paper. And yes, they still love to cuddle with each other.

Sage and Cypress

We have not updated Kitty Korner since the passing of Zoeie, but we will now begin posting about our crazy boys.

4 thoughts on “A Purr-sonal Update

  1. Something similar happened to me. We had a beloved kitten die, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to get another one because we had two other cats already. Then, an adorable orange and white kitten turned up at our neighbor’s house. Our neighbor didn’t want him, so we took him in. We planned to foster him then try to find him a good home, but before I knew it, I loved my orange kitty and couldn’t bear to part with him. Now, he curls up in my lap almost every day and gets along very well with our other cats. He is truly part of the family.

    1. Hi Miriam! I love this sweet story about your kitty too. I’m amazed by how many people have had a similar experience. I think they truly know we need them.

  2. That is such a sweet story! They mustve known you needed them in your life. I have a black female named Pitch who was born on my families farm and I can’t imagine life without her even though sometimes she drives me bonkers.

    1. Hi Jessie! Yes, I definitely needed them and can’t imagine my life without them now. Pitch sounds like a special kitty too!

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