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The Meadow

Yesterday we invited you to sense the meadow, a complementary and holistic resource to enhance your well-being. Now we’re back to explain how.

We invite you to envision a large tract of land with lush green grass and abundant wildflowers. There is a flowing stream nearby, and you take a sip of the sparkling, cold water. You feel the warmth of the sun shining down as you watch some deer and bunnies frolic in the distance. A smile begins to spread across your face. You hear birds singing as the stress of life starts to fade. You feel calm, happy, motivated, and the environment inspires you.

Welcome to the meadow. This feeling is our goal. It’s the feeling we want for you when you visit our website, our social media, or use one of our products.

So sounds great, right? But you’re wondering how we’ll bring the meadow to you. You couldn’t find it on amazon. And it wouldn’t be at Wal-mart. That wouldn’t make sense. Don’t worry. We’ll make sense of this meadow! (Haha, we crack ourselves up.)

We’ll be bottling up the green grass and the wildflowers in our products and shipping them directly to your doorsteps. The plant power in those products will uplift, relax, calm, and inspire your soul. The warmth of the community in our future Facebook group will feel like the sun is shining down on you. Animals will frolic across your screen in cute creature memes. Singing will happen as we share song lyrics and inspiring videos. You can drink from our knowledge stream to quench your thirst for knowledge. There will be a smile on your face when you read the encouraging news stories, jokes, and fun puns we share. The only reason for the smile might be because you don’t have to hear the puns every day, but hey, you’re still smiling.

If the above paragraph was a little too Disney for you. Just know we’ll be creating quality natural products, offering encouragement and support, and providing information to you from excellent resources. We’ll be connecting with experts about nutrition, fitness, organization, motivation, and more. In the future, we’ll create ways to offer coaching services, consultations, and maybe even write some books.

Oh, and we can’t forget. There will also be cats! Not so much because this is a meadow but because this is the internet. And we really love our cats.

Welcome to Meadow Sense. This is going to be fun!

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