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Weekend Wandering

We were out of town to attend a wedding over the weekend and found ourselves close to The Palace of Gold. We thought it looked like an interesting place to visit so we planned to join some of our relatives there for a tour. 

Palace of Gold
Palace of Gold

The journey there was almost as interesting as the place itself. Our navigation system took us on some desolate back roads. Our adventure included stopping and waiting for a random chicken to safely cross the road as well as swerving the car to keep from crashing into an insufficiently marked area where the road had caved in. Not how I imagined a road to a palace. However, even with all of the risks in this quest, we are glad we got to see New Vrindaban.

As we came upon this unexpected palace in the fields of northern West Virginia, we were awed by its beauty. We decided to explore the grounds while waiting for the rest of our party. One of the first things we noticed was the breathtaking view of the temple near the parking area. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to visit the temple on this trip but our tour guide explained they have a vegetarian feast every Sunday and all are invited.

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