Kitty Korner

Meet the Boys

Cypress and Sage are the two crazy strays we adopted last fall. Sage was just a kitten then and was afraid of hoomans. Luckily he had a big brother to look up to and teach him how to cat. They have been valuable assests to Meadow Sense HQ.

Cypress is our Senior Data Entry Specialist. He is known for his works such as “asdlrn3lrknrldsvvy98834qqiawodfsdddddddddddd” and “elu099993R9]OJEQQQQQQQQQQQQQ”. He is also our Customer Service Representative and is always greeting hoomans at the door. In his spare time he is an avid furniture climber.

Sage is our Chief Security Officer. He is responsible for shredding all classified documents. He patrols the grounds at night, bites Cypress on the butt, and hides from strangers. His hobbies include kick boxing and making a lot of dough.

When they boys aren’t hard at work, they’re up to some crazy antics around the house. They make us laugh every day. Cypress carries yarn around creating traps for us to trip in and Sage loves to be carried around in a laundry basket. And yes, they still love to cuddle with each other.

On April 29th, we released Zoeie from the suffering of this world and she passed on to the next. She was not only the official Meadow Sense Mascot, Chief Comfort Officer, and Strategic Relaxation Specialist, but also our gentle furry family member. She was all things good and sweet and we will miss her always.

R.I.P. Zoeie

7-1-2001 to 4-29-2018

Zoeie, is the unofficial Meadow Sense mascot. She brings a smile to our face every day. The last thing we would want to do is inadvertently harm her by misguided usage of essential oils. So there are a few safety guidelines we follow to reduce any risk. Meadow Sense products are only created when Zoeie has access to fresh air. She has a safe space outside where she can go if any scent becomes overwhelming. We rarely diffuse essential oils. When we do occasionally diffuse we do it in one room with the door closed so Zoeie can’t go in that specific room.

You can also see many of her recommendations or get questions answered by joining her group on Facebook . You can find it by searching for Animal Aromatherapy (safe usage) or click here.

For more information on using essential oils safely with your pets we recommend Animal Aromatherapist, Kelly Azzaro. Her website is

Meow! I’m Zoeie. As a kitten I was rescued from a dumpster after living for several weeks out on the streets. Now I live a life full of plush sleeping areas, tasty tuna treats, and plenty of love. Many of my brothers and sisters from the cat world need a loving home too so if you’re interested in providing a furever home for a cool cat like me, check out your local animal shelter. They also need donations so if you can’t provide a home but still want to help, donate! Thank you. Meow!

Zoeie would like to inform you of our amazing products. Unfortunately, she has not found time in her busy schedule of napping and playing with yarn.