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A Purr-sonal Update

If you have been friends of Meadow Sense for a lengthy amount of time, you may recall that last year we suffered a devastating loss. We lost our beloved cat of 16 years, Zoeie, last April. Soon after that, I wrote a blog post dealing with my grief. You can read more about that here. During that time my heart was not open to a new pet. I wanted to give myself at least a year to allow my heart to heal. I had plenty of other projects to focus on and thought a break from owning a pet would be nice. I said to myself that the only way I would get a new pet is if a kitten just randomly showed up on my front porch and needed me.

Guess what. One day as we pulled into our street after work there was a kitten sitting on our front porch. I could not believe it. I screeched and asked Jason, “Is this my kitty?” He wisely replied it probably belonged to one of our neighbors and would be going home soon. So we scurried on with our day. But a couple of weeks later the kitten returned. I walked towards it and said hello. It ran as fast as it could away from me to hide. This happened repeatedly every couple of weeks for a month or so.

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