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Aromatherapy and the use of natural home and body care products is part of a holistic health and wellness lifestyle. These products do not treat, diagnose, or cure any ailment. They also do not replace the need for treatment from a healthcare provider.

All products are designed for external use only. We do not advise the ingestion of essential oils. Please follow any directions listed on labels. Our products may not be safe for use on animals unless otherwise noted. We are not liable for any misuse of our products. Gross misuse of our products may lead to account suspension. Any copying or relabeling of our products as your own may lead to account suspension or permanent prohibition from our site.
Any misuse or attack against our website may lead to account suspension, site prohibition, or notification to authorities.

All comments made on our site will be moderated and will be reviewed before submission to any webpage. Use of profanity, bullying, or offensive language is strictly prohibited. Any medical claims made about our products is strictly prohibited. Comments will be automatically and manually examined to filter spam or inappropriate comments.

State and local taxes will be collected from WV residents only. Any non-collected taxes will need to be reported on your personal tax forms in accordance with your state and and local governments.

Meadow Members is an exclusive membership and sharing of benefits is strictly prohibited. If you’d like others to have these benefits, please direct them to the Meadow Members sign up page.

Local Pickup is only available to a select group of customers. If using this option it is your sole responsibility to collect your order. You may have a friend or family member (including Meadow Sense owners) collect your order for you. Meadow Sense LLC is not responsible for the package once it has left our facility.

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