The Meadow Moment Issue 101

Hello Friends! The April showers have ended and the May flowers are here. We hope you are having a fantastic spring season. During May we celebrate Mother’s Day and Memorial Day. We hope you are able to enjoy some peaceful moments with those you love and reflect on wonderful memories as we go through this month.

We have an exciting update to share with you. We recently began offering our products in our first brick and mortar store. You can pick up your favorite Meadow Sense products in the Finder$ Keepers variety store at 301 Pike Street in Shinnston, West Virginia.

On April 27th we participated in the Bridgeport WV Holistic Health and Wellness Expo. It was a great event that showcased many different holistic offerings in our local area. We had a great time meeting the attendees and learning from the other professionals.

At the Expo, we gave away free samples of our U.S.B. (Universal Soothing Balm) Stick. This customer favorite is great for any minor skin irritation from bugs, scratches, etc. This is also our Product of the Month and we are having a 10% off sale on this product through the end of May. Visit and place your order so you’re stocked up on the U.S.B. stick for summer. This item also makes a great gift for any hiker, camper, or lawn-care professional.

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