The Meadow Moment Issue 107

Hello friends! We are having a great summer and hope you are too. Time is marching into August and the days here have been quite hot. Thank God for air conditioning and ice cream!

Many people will be heading to the stores for some back to school shopping later this month. But for now, it’s a great time to savor the sunshine. Enjoy those last-minute vacations, cookouts, and water park trips! And if you need a natural bug spray, after sun spray, or soothing balm for any of that summer fun, you can grab it from, and we’ll ship it right out.

Recently we created Runner’s Kits for our customers. They made their debut over the weekend at the Debbie Green 5k in Wheeling, WV. We still have some and they will be available on the website soon.

Here’s a picture from the event.

That’s it for this issue of the Meadow Moment. You’ll hear from us again in a couple of weeks. 

Until next time,
The Meadow Sense Team

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