The Meadow Moment Issue 108

Hello! Welcome to another issue of The Meadow Moment. We are so happy to have you as a subscriber. The days have been getting cooler. It is getting dark earlier. The kids are back in school. Football season has begun. The calendar has switched over to September. We are bracing for all things Pumpkin Spice. Yes, Fall is on the horizon.

On August 17, we attended the Monongalia County Fair. We were set up in indoors at Mylan Park. We were grateful to be in an air-conditioned building for the duration of that hot summer day. While serving customers in this building we enjoyed watching the car show, diaper derby, and even a concert.

We are offering a new service to coffee shop owners. We are creating our natural lip balms and soaps using your unique coffee. If you are interested or know a coffee owner who might be please have them email

As the weather turns cooler, many of our customers will be looking for a way to soothe their dry, chapped lips. We have a variety of all-natural lip balms available for you on our website. Click here to grab yours now.

That’s all for this issue of The Meadow Moment. We hope you have a great September.

Until next time,
The Meadow Sense Team

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