The Meadow Moment Issue 109

Hello from Meadow Sense!

Hello and Happy October! October is one of our favorite months. Football, Cool Weather, Leaves, and did you know it’s also our anniversary? We love each other more each day. And we love our customers too!

The biggest news lately is that our products are now available at The Sanctuary run by The Starving Artist on Main Street in Bridgeport, WV. We are excited about this opportunity to make our products more widely available. Also, make sure you check out The Sanctuary Facebook page here to see products offered by all of the other talented artisans.

Our new booth in The Sanctuary

We have published two guest blog posts recently. One was for Yoga Awareness month, and the other is on the importance of being kind to yourself when working through your wellness goals. Click here to read through these great posts.

Our featured product this month is our November Beard Oil. With No Shave November coming up, you want to be prepared. This beard oil will keep you from feeling any beard irritation and help your beard grow up big and strong. Follow this link to purchase. Tell ’em Meadow Sense sent ya. 😉

Until next time,
-The Meadow Sense Team

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