The Meadow Moment Issue 110

Hello friends, I pray everyone is safe and doing well.  This year has started on a path none of us could have imagined. I encourage you to not let the unknown create fear in your hearts and minds. Someone wise once said, “the pages of yesterday can not be revised. But the pages of tomorrow are blank, and you hold the pen. Make it an inspiring story”. So my friends as we prepare to celebrate the holidays, Mother’s Day, and Memorial Day, let’s focus on the themes of family and love.

With Mother’s Day approaching there are many moms dreaming to attend their favorite spa. Waiting to release some stress from being cooped inside their homes all day attending to the daily needs of the household and their family. Meadow Sense has the solution. In celebration of Mother’s Day, we created the best three items that will bring the spa to you. Each gift will be composed of three stress-relieving items, the Relaxation Staycation Herbal Bath Salt, the Hope Breeze Inhaler, and the Stress No More Roll-On. Bring the spa to that special mother in your life, click here to grab yours.

Mother's Day Sale

We would love to hear all about your staycation. Share and send us pictures of you enjoying your spa retreat to our Meadow Sense Facebook Page.

That’s all for this issue of The Meadow Moment. We hope May will bring peace, love, and less stress for you and your family.

Until we speak again my friend,
The Meadow Sense Team

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