The Meadow Moment Issue 111

Hello Friends,

We pray that every mother enjoyed their Mother’s Day. We sure enjoyed spending time with those dear to us. Last we spoke, we shared three products that we were selling in a trio set. The Relaxation Staycation Herbal Bath Salt, the Hope Breeze Inhaler, and the Stress No More Roll-On. These products are still available. You may visit our website to purchase each item separately. Friends, please share your comments and reviews. Email us a picture of you with your Meadow Sense product to, and you might be featured in the next newsletter!

Happy Memorial Day! That is correct; the month of May has hit us twice with holidays and twice with sale specials from Meadow Sense. In honor of Memorial Day, we are offering 10% off of our Outdoor products. These are great for summer! Click here to purchase your items today.

Major News: 

We now offer products at wholesale prices. Do you know of a supermarket where you would like to see our products? Do you need to purchase multiple items as gifts? Do you operate a natural health or holistic business where Meadow Sense products can benefit your clients? Perfect, send an email with your contact information and the details to Someone from our team will contact you as soon as possible. 

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That’s all for this issue of The Meadow Moment. As we transition into the month of June, we wish for peace, love, and less stress for you and your family.

Until we speak again friends, 

The Meadow Sense Team

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